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Wireless Middleware

About Our Partner
Mobile Reach International provides a mobile middleware platform used by consultants in a wide variety of vertical markets. The platform is a center piece of the service and product offering. There is no greater trust than trusting an outsourcing partner on the most business-critical application.

How do you reduce 3 million test cases into a manageable number to cover 95% of all probable use cases? That was the question Mark Lloyd, CTO of Mobile Reach International, faced when he asked Somotsoft to test and help launch the new Harmony T platform.

The Approach:
Somotsoft decided to create a dedicated team for Mark's company. We created a VPN and established a 24 hour development cycle to speed up testing and delivery. Our QA team overlapped their time with the end of the work day of the development team and worked during the evening time. Over 30 days, our team identified the most likely use cases and create their respective test scripts. We worked one-on-one with Mobile Reach developers, dedicating a SQA engineer to cover each developer and rapidly work through outstanding issues.

The Results:
Mobile Reach platform reached over 1000 consultants on schedule. The results enabled Mobile Reach to meet its revenue goals and successfully go through an initial public offering.
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