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The stent graft ordering application is an FDA approved interactive sales tool that simplifies order entries by Physicians for stent grafts.

Leading medical device company with a large network of physicians ordering their stent graft products.

A leading medical device company needed to implement a trouble-free process for their large network of physicians to accurately select and order the stent grafts supplied by the company. The previous protocol involved ordering directly through a sales representative, a process that was cumbersome and prone to error. The time consuming and inconvenient procedure called for physicians and sales representatives to communicate and confirm orders through faxes, often resulting in incorrect and delayed order fulfillment.

Simplify the order process by developing an online Web 2.0 application distributed over the Internet. Using a combination of Flash® and server side scripting, the stent graft ordering application enabled physicians to enter their patient's measurements and view a 2D model reflecting the aneurismal anatomy in real time.

The real time modeling provided the visual cues to ensure physician confidence in the ordering process as well as cut down the time needed to recheck the patient's requirements resulting in a high adoption and retention rate of the tool.

The stent graft ordering system was built using a Microsoft ASP 2.0®, Microsoft SQL Server 2000®, and Adobe Flash®. Before Web 2.0 and AJAX became buzzwords, Somotsoft was on the bleeding edge of technology, using Flash® Remoting and server-side scripts to offer a rich web-based application.

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