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Development of high-quality, compelling, and user-friendly mobile entertainment, such as UNO®, Rock'em Sock'emT, Kerplunk®, Fuji Film Mobile Postcard, and The Wall Street Journal® mobile.

An industry leading developer of mobile games and entertainment with a core expertise in publishing world-class mobile applications.

In the developing industry of mobile games, this mobile game provider needed to develop a large repository of mobile games in order to capture their place in the market as a dominant mobile game provider with large catalog of quality games. To accomplish this, they needed to overcome three main obstacles:

  1. Limited budget and strict timeline to develop the large repository of mobile games.
  2. Limited internal capacity to meet the timelines.
  3. Needed additional skills to develop games for the multiple mobile platforms.

To overcome the obstacles, the mobile game provider contracted Somotsoft. Somotsoft provided a group of seasoned mobile application developers to develop five (5) mobile games in each of the major mobile operating systems:

    Rock'em Sock'emT
    Fuji Film Mobile Postcard
    The Wall Street Journal® mobile

With its competitive pricing, quality output, and large number of on demand resources, Somotsoft was able to facilitate the mobile game provider going to market with an extensive catalog of games on time and within budget.

Each game was designed, developed, and tested for the Palm OST, Blackberry, Symbian, J2ME, and Brew mobile operating system using the J2ME and C++ development environments.

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