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Dealer/Manufacturer Ecommerce Solution
Marketshare is a web-based ecommerce application that allows Manufactures to sell direct without competing against their dealers.

West Coast Trends is the maker of the ClubGlove brand golf bags and golf club cover used by over 90% of the professional golfers on all US tours combined.

West Coast Trends had experienced limited growth with their Dealer retailer channel for several key reasons:

  • The retailer channel had limited inventory, causing potential customers abondon their purchases because they did not find the right product.
  • Potential customers in remote areas did not have access to local retailers.
  • Buying the premium ClubGlove brand is an emotional purchase. By limiting the accessability to the product by only supplying it through brick and mortal retailers with limited hours of operation, ClubGlove potential customers would lose the emotional connection to the product, costing ClubGlove the sale.
To expand their reach, ClubGlove wanted to sell direct via the Internet. However, doing this would mean competing with, and thus damaging, their core dealer retailer channel.

To solve this problem Somotsoft developed the MarketShare ecommerce system, an online storefront managed by ClubGlove that shares revenue with the local retailer by giving them sales credit for products purchased online that are available and offered from their location. For sales where there was no local retailer carrying the purchased product, ClubGlove does not share the revenue.

The implementation of MarketShare enabled ClubGlove to sell their products directly online without endangering their nationwide retailer channel. By selling direclty online, ClubGlove was able to reach the potential customers that their nationwide dealer channel could not, while maintaining consistant revenue from its traditional dealer channel.

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