Industries serviced by Somotsoft
» Enterprise Application
» Financial Systems/Mortgage Lending
» Web Portal
» HealthCare
» Mobile/Wireless
» Telecommunications
» Consumer Packaged Good
» Bio-Medical
» Manufacturing

On demand team gets Provider to market
Learn how Somotsoft enabled Mobile entertainment provider to get to market on time with quality development.
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Start-Ups Cost Effective Development
Somotsoft minimizes risk and cost for Start-ups with limited budget and time.
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Smart Outsourcing
Thinking of reducing your software development costs? Be smart and do it right the first time.
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Managed Development Services
Somotsoft offers the most cost-effective development services. Our decade of experience in application development and outsourcing in Vietnam enables us to provide superior and reliable service to our customers at a lower cost than our competitors in other parts of the world.

The difference maker is that with Somotsoft, you have a partner that can help you navigate the pitfalls of outsourced development. Our western-educated executive management team with strong experiences in IT businesses and strategy consulting will ensure successful partnership based on transparent practices and ease of communication. The net result: More successful projects with less budget.

Solutions Services
Skilled IT Professionals deliver efficient solutions that frees up valuable resources.

System Infrastructure
Somotsoft provides a wide range of System Infrastructure Services.

Testing Services
Let our certified testers and analysts develop a test plan that meets your time-to-market needs and your budget.
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