eLearning Solution for EMS provider
Somotsoft training system helps EMS provider pinch pennies
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Dealer/Manufacturer Ecommerce Solution
Marketshare is a web application allowing Manufacturers to sell direct without competing against their dealers
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Web-to-Print Marketing Application
Web-to-Print solution enabling real-time customization and delivery through an easy-to-use interface.
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For more than 7 years, SomotsoftTM has been developing and implementing successful, effective e-learning programs. We did our homework, and entered the field with caution, so we could offer an educated and informed solution for our very first client.

Now, with the features and refinements that the maturing market demands, SomotsoftTM offers the smooth implementation and ease of use that can only come from a thoroughly developed system, and the personalization and scalability of a customized solution. We’ve side-stepped the costly and time consuming whims of an emerging product, and avoided the high cost of short-sighted development. SomotsoftTM delivers what your organization wants. What’s left was "left out." All the functionality without any of the frivolity.

That means we can deliver superior e-learning for less than you might think so you get a greater return on your e-learning investment.

Elearning Consulting
In addition to web-powered e-learning solutions, Somotsoft offers professional consulting services that bring unparalleled value to your eLearning initiative.

Courseware Creation
CourseCreator™ balances ease of use with sound instructional design. It creates content quickly and incorporates strong instructional design elements, particularly in testing. The result is pedagogically sound and adheres to e-learning best practices.

Training System
LA comprehensive e-learning system that grows with your organization. The Seed LMS has options for the CourseCreatorTM, our online course creation tool, and Professional Consulting Services that keep you on track and on schedule.
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