TechJournal South -- Raleigh’s IITS, California's Ndex merge into Somotsoft
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IITS and Ndex Merge to Create Somotsoft, a Strategic Information Technology Service Company
New Company Combines Technical Expertise and Experienced Leadership to Help Companies Worldwide Leverage Cost-Effective IT Resources in Vietnam

RALEIGH, NC and IRVINE, CA – May 8, 2008 – International IT Services, Ltd. (IITS) and Ndex Technologies, Inc. (Ndex) announced today that they have merged to form Somotsoft, Inc. Somotsoft combines the best of both companies to create a unique blended IT outsourcing organization that effectively bridges the gap between companies worldwide and development resources in Vietnam.

Somotsoft is a US-based, information technology service powerhouse with offices and/or resources on the East and West Coasts (Raleigh, NC and Irvine, CA), and globally in Europe, Vietnam, Australia, and South Korea. The new company not only combines the development and technical expertise of the two companies, but also brings together experienced leaders who understand the business and cultural complexities that companies face when outsourcing their technical needs.

Somotsoft’s unique model for success includes strong corporate leadership with experienced management teams onsite in the US and Vietnam, combined with industry-leading technical expertise and proven business and technical methodologies.

"The combined technical and management expertise may be the most obvious benefit of this merger, but I think the most important thing we offer our clients is the ability to bridge that gap between them and the talented resources in Vietnam," explained Somotsoft CEO Michael Le. "Our Western trained management teams have extensive careers in IT and understand the business principles that our clients value. They also understand the culture, language and principles of our Vietnam-based counterparts. That unique combination sets Somotsoft apart from many other outsourcing partners."

"Together, we can offer a complete range of services including the ability to augment a customer’s existing development team, manage the entire software development lifecycle from inception to delivery, and/or provide consulting to help them grow their business. In addition, we now have a stronger global footprint, unparalleled leadership and unique methodologies that ensure the success of our clients," added Tim Bui, president.

Somotsoft’s unique benefits include:

  • A full range of IT development and consulting services.
  • Technology specialization including BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Oracle, PHP, SAP, and mobile wireless.
  • Strong management team in US and Vietnam to increase the quality and efficiency of development, while decreasing the overall cost to the customer.
  • A highly-trained, experienced global employee base (200 employees worldwide), to support larger scale projects without negatively affecting the quality of the output.
  • The infrastructure in place to offer new services such as ITO, SAP, Project based software solutions, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Management of the new company includes executives from both organizations. As CEO of Somotsoft, Michael Le (former CEO of IITS) will lead the company’s vision and strategic direction including expansion and investment opportunities. As president of Somotsoft, Tim Bui (former CEO of Ndex) will lead the company’s sales focus and strategic alliances. Kimthanh Do-Le (formerly COO of IITS) will serve as CFO and vice president of operations, managing the company’s financial direction and operations. Kim Doelman (formerly COO of Ndex) will serve as Managing Director of Vietnam ODC.

About Somotsoft:
Somotsoft, Inc. is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices and/or resources in Irvine, CA as well as Europe, Vietnam, Australia, and South Korea. The company specializes in helping organizations worldwide leverage the talented and cost-effective development resources in Vietnam. Somotsoft offers a unique blended business and technical model that successfully bridges the gap between its clients and Vietnam-based development resources. With 200 employees worldwide, Somotsoft offers a full range of IT development and consulting services, with technology specializations in BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Oracle, PHP, SAP, and mobile wireless.

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