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NXTComm 2007: Vietnam Telecom Outsourcing Hotspot
IITS collaborates with Fordham University to showcase US-Vietnamese technology project collaboration

CHICAGO and HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM (June 22, 2007) - NXTComm 2007, the most popular telecommunications conference, brought together over 450 companies to showcase the renewed growth in Telecom. Not since 2000 has telecom been as strong and vibrant - the demand for new data services, particularly video and 3G wireless is creating renewed demand for bandwidth.

The push for more bandwidth is felt in the US, and even more importantly overseas, where the role of new product sales and development cannot be overlooked - NXTComm offered an entire of day of education on emerging markets, which is also the focus of International IT Services (IITS). Since 2001, IITS has provided telecom companies access to design, validation, pre-production verification talent and a friendly business climate in Vietnam, the lowest cost IT service market in the world, according to CIO Magazine.

IITS has developed a new program specifically aimed at telecommunication provider’s needs that addresses both product and service needs.

Ethernet Technologies: IITS offshore lab provides excellent access for hardware and software development, testing and validation.

Mobile Wireless:
IITS provides software development and testing on i-Mode Doja™, J2ME™, Brew™, Symbian™, and Windows Mobile™ platforms.
Computer Assisted Dispatch: Mission critical application development and testing for the most intensive telecommunications applications.
Record Management System: Development and testing services for large record management applications requiring high user data throughput and accuracy.
Portals: Customer self-service and internet applications specific for telecommunication vendors to leverage their marketing reach and increase service efficiency.

Vietnam’s outsourcing capabilities include:
In 2006, Vietnam was rated the lowest IT cost center in the world by CIO magazine.
In 2006, Intel began work on a $1 billion manufacturing plant near Ho Chi Minh City, also the location of IITS outsourcing offices.
In 2007, Vietnam joined the WTO ensuring further protection of US corporations.
A 2007 survey found that Vietnam’s skilled labor wages are 30% lower than coastal China’s comparably skilled labor.
IT graduates have bilingual training and graduate with degrees from Australian universities.

The full NXTComm 2007 conference report can be downloaded here.

About International IT Services
International IT Services (IITS) is a global provider of outsourced software development, testing, support and maintenance, with offices in the US, Vietnam and Australia. IITS partners with software development companies and system integrators to provide significant time and money savings for its clients through a combination of on-site and off-site software outsourcing services and the use of its software test lab. IITS supports technology platforms such as Microsoft .Net™, Microsoft Sharepoint™, Java™, Delphi™, BEA WebLogic™, and IBM WebSphere™. Additional information on International IT Services and its service offerings are available at

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