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CIO Magazine Ranks Vietnam Lowest Cost Outsourcing in the World
Lowest Labor Cost, Low Geopolitical Risk and Improved English Proficiency Make Vietnam Top Southeast Asia Outsource Location

RALEIGH, NC and HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM (August 14, 2006) - CIO Magazine™ 2006 research survey of outsourcing finds that Vietnam is the lowest cost location in the world. Despite the attention paid my most CIOs to India and China, the researchers concluded that CIOs need to look beyond the pack mentality and focus on locations that will provide arbitrage opportunities over the long term. "Since 2001, IITS has demonstrated to our clients through our center in Vietnam that it is an excellent location for software outsourcing, and it is great credit to CIO Magazine to publish these findings" said Michael Le, CEO of International IT Services.

Vietnam outranked competing outsource locations in several categories:

Lowest cost in the world: Vietnam offers the lowest IT labor cost in the world, lower than China, at least 30% lower than India.

English language proficiency: Vietnam’s education system and close links to Australian universities have improved its English language proficiency. Vietnam surpassed China and Russia in IT English proficiency according to the study.
Low Risk: Vietnam ranked equal to India in terms of geopolitical and business risks.
The CIO study found several important trends:

As the labor costs of India rise, CIOs are under pressure to find new labor arbitrage opportunities.

The leading outsourcing locations such as Ireland, Israel, Singapore are starting to decline.

CIOs are increasingly looking to enter new locations outside of India because of high turn-over, and rapidly rising costs.

IITS provides technology companies the opportunity to remain competitive by leveraging its low-cost development center in Vietnam. With over 100% annual growth for the past two years, IITS has successfully demonstrated that Vietnam can provide a viable location for a variety of high-tech companies. IITS model of incorporating US-trained engineers in Vietnam has greatly increase team productivity and allowed a diverse client list of telecommunications, mobile wireless, software development, and system integration companies to benefit from low cost software development and testing. IITS clients include companies like Cisco Systems, Allied Telesyn, Enterpulse, Lydian Technology and many more.

About International IT Services
International IT Services (IITS) is a global provider of outsourced software development, testing, support and maintenance, with offices in the US, Vietnam and Australia. IITS partners with software development companies and system integrators to provide significant time and money savings for its clients through a combination of on-site and off-site software outsourcing services and the use of its software test lab. IITS supports technology platforms such as Microsoft .Net™, Microsoft Sharepoint™, Java™, Delphi™, BEA WebLogic™, and IBM WebSphere™. Additional information on International IT Services and its service offerings are available at

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