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CanDo Benefits from IITS Flexible Software Test Lab
Flexible QA Lab Provides Software Developers Increased Quality Control

RALEIGH, NC (August 1, 2006) – International IT Services (IITS) announced it has signed a testing services agreement with CanDo, a leading US technology consultancy. Rob Ratterman, the CanDo project leader praised IITS. “Working with IITS has been an incredible experience for CanDo. Their team was able to get up to speed on our complex development project in a very short time. The QA testing performed was some of the most thorough I have seen. We plan to use IITS for all of our QA efforts in the future."

While many outsource technology service providers have adopted a competing approach to US technology consultancies, IITS strives to partner with technology consultants and software development companies to become a core resource in their quest to secure talented, flexible-term resources. IITS test lab has expanded in 2006 to include major performance, test automation and regression test tools. With quality metrics increasing driving US technology consulting differentiation, IITS offers technology companies a low-cost, high quality, independent verification service. Since the largest technology companies in the US operate subsidiaries in countries like China, India, Ireland, Philippines or Russia, IITS provides mid-sized companies the opportunity to remain competitive. IITS’ partners get access to a lower labor cost structure than most of the above mentioned locations and can create significant margin opportunities on development or testing services.

The win-win partner approach helped CanDo quickly integrate IITS resources into the project and keep them on flexible, project-based duration. As an independent party, IITS interest is to provide the highest quality of product verification so more defects are uncovered prior to product launch date, this dramatically reduces developer bias often associated with software testing. At the same time, internal resources that would have had to focus on quality assurance tasks are freed to focus either on core engineering tasks or client-facing tasks that increase value perception.

About CanDo is a new kind of technology consulting company. We aim to become close business partners with those who use our services. For new ventures or lines of business involving significant risk, we will take equity in the new venture as opposed to the exorbitant hourly rates that our competitors charge. Where equity is not an option, we can also take a revenue share to make your out-of-pocket technology and business consulting costs as low as they can possibly be.

For more information about CanDo, please visit

About International IT Services
International IT Services (IITS) is a global provider of outsourced software development, testing, support and maintenance, with offices in the US , Vietnam and Australia . IITS partners with software development companies and system integrators to provide significant time and money savings for its clients through a combination of on-site and off-site software outsourcing services and the use of its software test lab. IITS supports technology platforms such as Microsoft .Net™, Microsoft Sharepoint™, Java™, Delphi™, BEA WebLogic™, and IBM WebSphere™. Additional information on International IT Services and its service offerings are available at

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