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Enable your business to redefine operational priorities, adapt, and compete better.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) addresses operational effectiveness and agility to adapt to the changing times by offloading non-core services and focusing on your core business.

There are three phases in Somotsoft BPO methodology: Discovery, Transition, and Steady State of Operations.
Discovery Transition Steady State Operations

Companies considering business process outsourcing need to look beyond the obvious cost arbitrage and address several enterprise-wide issues: What are the regulatory and operational risks? How do we ensure that there is no business disruption? What investments are needed in technology? How will the change be managed? Are we ready for the change?

Somotsoft’s transition methodology is divided into three phases - planning, execution and parallel run - and managed through four tracks - program management, knowledge, operations and technology. This matrix ensures that processes are migrated rapidly and smoothly. Somotsoft has a robust governance structure to ensure that customers can monitor remote processes through online portals and through daily, weekly and monthly calls to ensure two-way communication to flag and manage issues. We have a structured escalation matrix and process for dispute resolution.
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